Sights in Carlsbad and the facts about the city

Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary)  — the largest and the most popular Czech spa known throughout the world for several centuries thanks to its mineral water springs. In due time, many well-known personalities liked to rest here, among them: Peter "the Great" I (the Emperor of Russian Empire 1700-1725), Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Niccolo Paganini, Ludwig van Beethoven, Carl Marx.

In the heart of the resort is the Mill Colonnade, it was built in 1872-1881. The pediment is decorated with twelve sculptures  — by the number of months in a year. They crowned slightly protruding forward wing of the seemingly endless colonnade with total length of 132 m. There are several sources of mineral water in it.

The most famous spring in Karlovy Vary  — Geyser (Vřídlo). He spews water from a depth of two kilometers and at a temperature of +73°C. Other sights in Carlksbad can be called: «Jelení Skok»  — metal sculpture of chamois mounted on a cliff, Holy Trinity Column in the Market Square of the town, churches of St.Urban, St.Waclav, St.Mary Magdalene, orthodox church of St.Peter and St.Paul, Museum of the famous glass «Moser», Carlsbad city theatre (Dívadlo).

In the center of town is the Jan Becher Museum, where visitors to the city can always buy and try one of the most famous products of Karlovy Vary  — liquor «Becherovka». During a tour of the museum visitors learn about the history, technology, production and storage of the beverage.

Not far from Carlsbad the town of Loket is located, which got its name from the curve of the river Ohře having a form of "elbow" (cz. "loket"). There is a castle of the same name Loket in the town, which has grass square under it where music concerts take place oftenly.