Winter rest in Carlsbad

Do you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing? The Boží Dar (God's Gift) ski resort in the Czech Republic and Oberwiesenthal in Germany are waiting for you. Both resorts are located 30 km from Carlsbad. You can stay in our apartments and enjoy the skiing every day. We will deliver you with our transport to the place you choose and take you at the specified time.

Ski resort Boží Dar (God's Gift)

Boží Dar — small ski center located in the heart of the Ore Mountains, 28 km from Carlsbad on the border with Germany. Total length of trails is 70 km, there are trails for amateurs and professionals, two of them work at night. Ski area located on the slopes of Mount Klinovec. First Ski Area — Neklid — located on a spur Klinovec, equipped with lifts and has a snowpark for snowboarding. Second ski area — Novako — useful for beginners. It is equipped with a children's ski lift and snow tube for riding on inflatable boats. There is a children's ski school in the area of ​​Novaco.

The town of Boží Dar is the highest town in Central Europe. Mount Klinovec famous for the steep descent is 1244 meters high. This descent is designed for professionals, it will be difficult to overcome by an amateur. But for those who come just to relax with family and loved ones without relying on constant riding on the tops, there are quite safe slopes, curb that seem pure pleasure. There are trails for amateurs and professionals as well as the opportunity to ride on the evening routes. There are 6 types of trails of varying difficulty in Klinovec which is located not far from Boží Dar. There are one "black" run, 3 "blue" runs and 2 "red" ones. They are serviced by seven lifts. The price of lift per day for adults is 410 CZK (Czech Koruna) and 1980 CZK for 6 days. For children: for 1 day 280 CZK and 1320 CZK for 6 days. These ski resorts are designed to work well all year round. The resort also operate shops, rental services and ski equipment, bars, all kinds of restaurants, ski schools and 4 free parkings each of which is designed for 500 seats.

If going here to rest, it is impossible not to enjoy the elegance, purity and peace of mind of these places. Air and the climate is perfectly perceived European citizens there. Acclimatization does not take much time and you can immediately begin your active recreation and a wonderful pastime.

Ski resort Oberwiesenthal

Resort city in Germany located in the state of Saxony, included in the district of Ore Mountains with a population of 2461 people (as of December 2010). Covers an area of ​​40 km2. One of the five most popular ski resorts in Germany, Oberwiesenthal lies at an altitude 1224 meters above sea level in Saxony on the border with the Czech Republic.

The convenient location of the resort allows you to get to it from Carlsbad in 30 minutes. In Oberwiesenthal professionals and amateurs will find ten tracks with a total length of 20 kilometers (9 km of easy level, 9 ones of medium and 2 are high). The season lasts from December to April. The cost of a daily pass, giving the right to use the lifts varies from 14 to 19 EUR.

Alpine Skiing here began to develop in 1897 and the first championship was held in 1911. During the GDR (German Democratic Republic) times Oberwiesenthal remained a venue for international championships until 1969, but then lost that status. After the reunification of Germany the creation of modern infrastructure in the region was started, since 2001 Ore Mountains were included again in the calendar of international winter tournaments and received the appropriate international certificate.

It is noteworthy that in the summer Oberwiesenthal looks very attractive!